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Shoujo Kara Shoujo E

English. 0:18:14. 215 MB.
One’s a total slut and one’s a manga artist who wishes she could suck a real dick. What do they have in common? Not manga.

Okusama wa Moto Yariman

English. 0:24:05. 244 MB
A guy just moved into an apartment complex all alone. But lucky for him, his three neighbors are desperate housewives - the animated version.

Rinkan Biyaku Chuudoku

English. 0:18:20. 279 MB.
A guy uses compromising pictures and videos of a fellow classmate to blackmail her. She can either be brutally gangbanged by the entire school OR have her pictures released. What will it be?


English. 0:29:08. 288 MB.
Dude joins an erotic manga company as the manager. His female staff are all amateurs who doesn't know what sex is really about. It's time to teach them everything about the sex!

Chichiiro Toiki

English. 0:12:40. 178 MB.
ased on the adult manga by Goban. Indiscriminate but unsuccessful pervert who flirts with everything female at last finds success with his childhood friend.

Baka Dakedo Chinchin

English. 0:17:55. 125 MB.
A blonde slut decides to ask the fat kid in class to help her study, and pays him back for the favor the only way she knows how.

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Tomb Raider

Just want to let you guys know that I am continuing to work on that Tomb Raider game. I will add a "Morality Bar". It will have little portrait of Lara which will be changing as lara gets new levels of sluttiness.


This one is not exclusive but I think it will provide you some fun nevertheless, while I am working on actual elusive content (which I will upload as soon as it's finished). This version does not require any passwords. Have fun.

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