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Samples from Palcomix profile:

We are a group of artists that love anime, cartoons and videogames. We would like to support Hentai United by creating a high quality art with your favorite characters. On our profile you will see what would happened if two universes would colide and everyone would start to fuck each other. Babes from Avatar and Naruto, from Mario and Disgaea, Marvel and DC Comics... If you like the samples please click on a join button.

Samples from Oni profile:

Oni is a member of the Catthouse comic art studio and has been producing hentai art for over ten years now, both solo and collaboratively. He frequently does commissioned art of comic, TV, game, and anime characters, and has dabbled in furry, bondage, and futa art at request. Many of his works end up as "rule 34" examples, as they show characters or situations that cannot be found anywhere else. Expect to see a lot of great pics here that feature your favorite game and comic characters, and hopefully some fun themes too.

Samples from Ganassa profile:

Alessandro Ganassa Mazzetti is an italian erotic comic artist since 2000. His most notorious ongoing comix series is Elves Dreams and it's currently published in France by Adition Blanche. He also attended in some italian art exhibitions, like "Salon Primo", and his artworks appeared on some indipendent magazines. He likes anime, comics, boxing and videogames girls and those passions are reflected in his art styles.

Samples from Akabur profile:

I draw adult parodies based on 80's and 90's cartoons. For me idea makes the picture. Artworks that depict some naked girls, drawn nicely and with flawless anatomy but on a white background just makes me yawn. It's boring, there is nothing to it. There is no story. OK, she is naked, so what? I want to know who she is, why is she naked and where is she right now? I  believe that background is as important as the characters on it, that's why my drawings usually have quite detailed backgrounds.Thank you for joining HentaiUnited!

Samples from Bayushi profile:

I work as comic book professional for six years now, with mainstream and autoral books published, but aways facinated with erotic art in all the ways. Iam more confortable with young super heroine heros, but i enjoy all kinds of art. You already read a comic drawed by me, you just dont know it =]

Samples from Arabatos profile:

I like to draw fanart. So if you are a fan of Naruto, Street Fighter, Family Guy or any other popular Manga, Game or Tv Series you will proprably enjoy my pics very much ;) I've drawing comics for many years now, fulfilling the fantasies of many. I hope you like my samples. Join now and I will try to satysfy your needs!

Samples from Chesare profile:

ChEsArE, founder of Wind Rune Manga Studio, has worked for 15 years in the business of making manga hentai galleries for various cartoons porn sites. Fan doujins, anime tv programs video games, 3D movies and comics, no doubt add to delicious sexy girls in trouble or bring them to the point of dominance. You can join now and wait sexy situations, crossovers of your favorite characters and much much more renewed every week! Enjoy it!

Samples from PornoMagnum profile:

Magnum is a dedicated and talented newcomer to the hentai profession. With only a year and half of working experience, Mag shows a lot of potential and there's no signs of slowing down for him.  Mostly drawing commission and fan art for patrons on HentaiFoundry and Tumblr, Magnum is working on creating a porn comics with his own line up of sexy OCs. For the time being you can find him doing live streams on his livestream account or making some hot fan art of video games, comics, and other cartoon sexiness.

Samples from Alx profile:

Alx has been a professional artist for the last 18 years now. working on various projects some more known then other. 10 years ago he was well known in the hentai community for being the main artist for M.A.D. as well as a pinup artist for Starship Titus and various others hentai comics, but left the scene for personal reason. Now that he's back, nothing  is safe. You can expect great pieces, mostly featuring  famous characters, from various comic, games and movies, but also some original characters. Enjoy!

Samples from Onagi profile:

Naughty and nice, the easiest way to describe my work. I draw the kind of art id always wanted to see, cute and sweet girls doing naughty sexy things.
Drawing inspiration from anime, comics, and real life, to find a nice balance.
Come in and find what your looking for.

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